Slogan tiếng anh cho áo lớp

Written by Áo Việt on . Posted in Dịch vụ xin chia sẻ đến các bạn một số câu slogan tiếng anh cho áo lớp, các câu slogan tiếng anh được tổng hợp lại từ nhiều nguồn nên rất đa dạng, phong phú.

Danh sách các câu slogan tiếng anh hay để làm áo lớp

  1. Today a reader. Tomorrow a leader
  2. Bold, Beautiful and Proud
  3. Our pride stands out!
  4. Yeah–we’re smilin’!
  5. Pod Power!
  6. Just keep swimming!
  7. The Best is yet to come!!!
  8. We are soaring at A7
  9. Let the wave carry you!
  10. Keeping the sharks away from our kids!
  11. Join the pod and play!
  12. Make a splash with your kids!
  13. Splash and Wave Boys, Just Splash and Wave . (for Crewchief)
  14. Don’t be a fish out of water–Volunteer!
  15. Tanks for the memories!
  16. The kids will Tank you!
  17. We’ll swim circles around you!
  18. We’ll let you come up for air!
  19. From Sea to shinging Sea
  20. Volunteers made in the USA
  21. Feathering our children’s nest…
  22. Come rise above the clouds with us!
  23. Volunteers who soar…
  24. Making a difference in our children’s lives.
  25. Put a feather in your cap–volunteer!
  26. We’ll take you places you’ve never been…
  27. Red, White and Blue Fun!
  28. Yeah…we got it!
  29. Great Country….Great PTO!!!
  30. Don’t be mean behind the screen.
  31. Don’t PLOD…Join the POD!
  32. Cause fish are healthy for you!
  33. Mammals with an attitude!
  34. Step up so others won’t get stepped on.
  35. Don’t get mad, learn to add
  36. Feel the need….the need to Red.
  37. Don’t cry, Don’t drool, Don’t hate
  38. Our school pride can’t subside
  39. No where to hide from school pride

Chúc các bạn có được những mẫu áo lớp đẹp, vừa ý!

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